Marketing analysis of cryptocurrency exchanges for August — November 2018

Cryptoexchange is a new superpowered trend that is actively gaining popularity among blockchain startups. Having worked with crypto projects and ICO, BDCenter (digital marketing & consulting agency) paid close attention to this phenomenon.

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What should traders and businessmen, marketing experts and CEOs of projects know about it? Our study covered the Coinmarketcap TOP-30 cryptocurrency exchanges — from Binance and Kraken to BitForex and Latoken. What kind of marketing strategy do they use, what should businessmen set sights on when developing their own cryptocurrency exchange, who and what influences the traders’ decisions? The analysis was carried out according to the several criteria: the profitability of the exchange, having the token, fiat possibilities of the exchange, social networking presence, SEO, mailing, marketing activities and so on.

The uniqueness of the collected material is that this is the first detailed analysis of cryptoexchanges in the world! BDCenter has 2 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, 5 successfully launched ICOs with a total amount of funds raised over $ 35 million, and 4 cryptocurrency exchanges entered the market. The paper is available in English and Russian.

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We’ve been providing marketing & PR services for FinTech, IT, and Blockchain products since 2011.

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